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If you've just invested in new technology, you may want to call in a professional Charlotte, NC, TV installation company to help you make the most of your purchase. At TV Repair Charlotte. FTV's TV Repair Charlotte, NC., we have a trained team of installers that is equipped with the tools to safely and efficiently finish your installation.

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We understand that you'd like to enjoy your new television set on a timely basis, so we'll quickly respond to your calls. We'll arrive at your home or business and start working to assure you of a promptly completed installation project. Our staff is dedicated to high-quality workmanship, and we believe in helping you make the most of your new technology. We take pride in our ability to leave you fully capable of sitting back and watching your new set.

When you hire TV Repair Charlotte. FTV's TV Repair Charlotte, NC. we'll install your new set, run your cables and wiring, and program your remote. Call our skilled team if you'd like to streamline your project with help from a Charlotte, NC, TV installation company.


Benefits of Mounting Your Flat Screen TV

Flat screens were built with wall mounting in mind, that's why they have holes in the back of them. Flat TV wall mounts enable you to position your television at the perfect viewing height so that you don't have to strain your neck or your eyes from watching it at the wrong height. You may even want the TV in your living room to be higher up while wanting the television in your bedroom to be a little lower down, making it easier to watch it from bed. Whatever height you want your television, you can achieve it with television wall mounts.

Space Saving with TV Wall Mounts

In addition to obtaining the perfect viewing level, wall mounts take your television off of the floor or table which gives you more space in the room. Now you don't need a big entertainment center, extra table or other piece of furniture sucking up space just to have a place for your TV. You can also keep your television off of the dresser in your bedroom by using a flat TV wall mount.

Sleek Viewing Experience

Something about mounting your television on the wall, or even above the fireplace, just adds a stylish viewing experience for you and visitors. If you've visited someone's home who has their television mounted, you know exactly what we mean.


In addition to achieving the perfect viewing height, saving space, and having a stylish look, using a wall mount for your flat screen TV gives you a bit of added safety. No more worries about whether that TV table is sturdy enough to protect your investment or being concerned that someone may bump into the television because it's off the floor and out of harm's way.

Browse our site and choose the TV wall mounts that are suited to your needs. We have several options to choose from including wall mounts that swivel, and even ones that swivel and tilt.